A Memory

So long since she saw the house, and played inside
A jungle of rooms and a staircase that led to the clouds
Boxes now lie scattered about
That kept clues to a past life

Found a picture of a house
In the garden a child was playing
Bathed in sun and full of life
A memory

She grew away from this
She became someone else
Left to find something that was not lost
Then she saw her box

A battered treasure chest she looked deep inside
Paintings of a face in a stream
Beneath calm waters, deep waters indeed
A memory

The fear and wonder of walking through the wood
in a lucid dream
Like an autumn leaf held in a fist
As seen through a child’s eyes

Found a picture of a house
The walls dry and cracked
Bathed in sun but without life
A memory


from Keep Sending Signals, released September 5, 2016



all rights reserved


25 Yard Screamer Carmarthen, UK

Formed in 2002 it was the release of 2007's Cassandra that really pushed 25 Yard Screamer in the light of the prog scene. Cassandra was critically acclaimed and the opening epic 'Blacklight' found a place in Classic Rock magazines Top 100 songs of 2007.
With the release of 'Until All Are One', 25 Yard Screamer continue to explore and evolve their sound, join the exploration.........
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